Meet a Better You in BNU——The Opening Ceremony of 2021 Professional Master’s Degree Student of BNUBS
Time :2021-09-08

On the evening of September 8th, 2021, the opening ceremony of 2021 Professional master's degree students of BNUBS was held in the International Exchange Center of Zhuhai Campus. Wang Shoujun, Vice President of Beijing Normal University and Director of Zhuhai Campus Management Committee; Qi Yudong, Dean of BNUBS; Sun Zhijun, Secretary of the Branch Party Committee; Ge Yuliang, Associate Secretary of the Branch Party Committee; Cai Hongbo, Associate Dean of BNUBS; Zhong Xin, Director of Professional Degree and Master's Education Center; Xin Zhanhua, Industry Executive, Representative of External Tutors, General Manager of Zhuhai Hengqin New Area Sanjiang Human Resources Comprehensive Service Center Co., LTD; Guan Lu, Director of Professional Degree Master Education Center; Hu Conghui, Director of financial project; Yang Dan, Director accounting project;Associate Directors and Teacher Representatives of each project of Professional Degree and Master's Education Center; representatives of students and 2021 professional master's degree students attended the ceremony.


The ceremony began with the stirring national anthem. Vice President Wang Shoujun first gave a speech. He welcomed the new students and expressed his best wishes. After introducing the development history of Zhuhai Campus, he emphasized that zhuhai Campus was exploring the reform of higher education system and mechanism. Based on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the "Belt and Road" initiative, we would cultivate many young talents with innovative models. At the same time, he hoped that students can not only be independent but also contribute to the world, take social responsibilities, and perform professional ethics, integrity and professional integrity. Especially during the study in Beijing Normal University, students should not only learn professional knowledge, but also use it to analyze economic and social phenomena, find the deep reasons for the formation of problems, and constantly pursue the realization of social value and personal value.



Dean Qi yudong pointed out that the epidemic has changed the track of our normal economic life and caused an unprecedented impact on all walks of life, but it also brought opportunities. At present, digital industrialization and industrial digitalization are developing rapidly. He hoped the students can find opportunities in the crisis, open a new bureau in the changing situation, and become the main force of social and economic development tide.



Mr. Xin Zhanhua, the representative of the external tutor, vividly described the future development direction of Zhuhai, looked forward to the future development of Hengqin, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the teachers for their hard work. He hoped that students should be grateful to the school and teachers.



Teacher representative Zhou Hui encouraged the students to always keep the spirit of knowledge, to explore the nature of the world, and put forward three suggestions to the students: First, Be curious: keep learning, keep asking questions and keep exploring; Second, Set goals: learn to break down big goals into smaller ones and it will make you happy; Third, Keep fit and maintain a good external image: it is closely related to the success of our career.



Guan Hao, the alumni representative and the director of the Career Development Alliance, Professional Degree and Master education Center, shared his study experience in Beijing Normal University and encouraged students to study well and laid a good foundation. He also encouraged students to devote themselves to social practice actively, study foreign language diligently, read various books extensively, set development goals as soon as possible. He believed that under the guidance of teachers and the active participation of students, they would make great achievements in the next two years.



Yao Zhikai, the student representative, shared his experience of studying and living in Beijing Normal University. As an senior, he hoped that the freshmen of the class of 2021 could have more experience, pursue excellence, learn from Huang Wenxiu, and dare to question and challenge.



Freshman representative Wang Lu expressed her gratitude to the school and her expectation for her future study and life. She hoped that she could make academic and career plans as soon as possible, find her own goals, realize her own value, and shoulder the social responsibilities of a young person of the Times.



The Opening Ceremony ended with beautiful singing. The opening ceremony has sounded the horn of forging ahead in the new semester.we  hope the students would brave the difficulties and climb the heights in the future study, and write a magnificent chapter in Zhuhai Campus with the most precious youth time in their lives.


Wrote by Professional Degree Master Education Center

Edited by Lin Xinhui

Reviewed by Cai Hongbo