Beijing Shida Asset Management Co., Ltd. Came to Our School for Research And Exchange
Time :2021-07-15

On the morning of July 15, 2021, Wang Jun, the full-time vice president of Beijing Shida University Asset Management Co., Ltd., led a group of 12 people came to our school for research and exchange. The theme of this research was "Carrying Out Research Docking And Transforming Service Achievements". Sun Zhijun, Party Secretary of BNUBS, extended a warm welcome to the guests, and Cai Hongbo, Associate Dean, and Professor Sun Yunchuan, Associate Professor Zheng Feihu, Associate Professor Qian Jing, Associate Professor Xu Zhixing, Associate Professor Guo Ji, and Teacher Cai Zijun participated in the meeting.



First of all, on behalf of the college, Secretary Sun Zhijun welcomed the asset management company's visit to the school, and then briefly introduced the discipline construction, teaching staff, scientific research achievements and other aspects. Vice President Wang Jun pointed out that BNUBS is the first unit where the asset management company connected with the department, hoping to use the platform of the school's asset management to serve the school, help teachers, understand the needs of achievement transformation and solve practical difficulties.


After that, Zhang Hongmin, Director of Strategic Investment Development Department of Asset Management Company, introduced in detail the current situation of industrial development of the school and the platform and service provided in the achievement transformation. He focused on the development focus and advantages of education, publishing, science and technology and other sectors. Participating teachers discussed with  Pan Dongxiu, Associate General Manager of publishing Group, Que Li, Associate General Manager of fund company and other relevant department heads of the company on interested project, including incubation, alumni entrepreneurship, practice, textbook publishing, IP cooperation, etc


Both sides believed that BNUBS not only had unique project resources, but also was an important partner in the implementation, commercialization and marketization of high-quality projects such as education and science and technology. The asset management company expressed its intention to help the school build a new platform for the transformation of research achievements of Normal University.



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