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  November 18th: Expert Forums of BNUBS (Episode 92nd) & Maxdo International Economic Forum
  November 18th: Expert Forums of BNUBS (Episode 93th) & Maxdo International Economic Forum
  7th Lecture of the Academic Lecture Series of BNUBS’s 40th Anniversary
  Call for Papers: BNUBS Tokyo New Year Forum
  Info Session:BNU Business school—Dublin Business School 3+1+1bachelors-masters degree program
  Notification of Info Session: 3+1+1 BS-MS Combined Program with Dublin Business School
  Notification of Exchange Program with Dokkyo University, Japan
  Info session:Master program of Johns Hopkins University,USA
  BNU Business School PhD Program in English
  CfP for UCT-BNU-HNU Special Issue with Economic Modelling
  “China-Australia Art and Cultural Exchange Report” Release Conference and Workshop
  BNUBS International Winter School
  The 3rd Capital Business Forum
  BNUBS Master Forum (80th) & Maxdo College Lecture
  Call for Papers: the 3rd BNU-AU Capital Business Forum
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